tax advisory

We assist clients in their everyday business activity by offering:

  • “hotline” tax services – clarifying tax doubts, preparing tax opinions, preparing and reviewing draft agreements, current liaising with tax authorities, preparing and filing individual tax interpretations applications;
  • Training and workshops – on every tax-related topic, also targeted at employees who do not handle tax matters on a daily basis;
  • Assistance in disputes and audits – representing clients before tax authorities and courts, including administrative courts, in any type of proceedings, with specific focus on tax proceedings, audits or penal fiscal offences.

A tax review is a comprehensive, methodological examination of a selected area of tax settlements. It is aimed at identifying risks or problem areas and finding ways to optimize settlements or processes.

A tax review may cover settlements related to:

  • A specific tax, such as CIT or VAT;
  • Special economic zone or the Polish investment zone settlements;
  • International transactions in the context of VAT;
  • International transactions in the context of the withholding tax;
  • Settlement of marketing activities;
  • Settlement of contracts – especially for ‘tax-sensitive’ costs (bonuses, contracts from the agricultural and food sector, contracts for intangible services).


The main objective of tax incentives is to facilitate investment and innovation. Such reliefs include:

  • Research and development (R&D) incentive – support for taxpayers conducting innovative activity, particularly those creating or implementing changed, improved or new processes/products/services. That relief allows for deduction of certain costs from the tax base regardless of the fact that they have already been treated as tax-deductible costs;
  • IP Box – possibility of taxing income derived from the so-called qualified intellectual property rights with the tax rate of 5% (this specifically applies to patents, rights to industrial designs or utility models, author’s economic rights to: computer programmes, games, applications);
  • Polish Investment Zone (PSI) – income tax exemptions related to the investment made;
  • ‘robotization’ incentive – possibility of deducting expenses borne for the purchase or lease of robots and cobots and certain related costs from the tax base.
  • other reliefs (for: expansion, consolidation, sports, culture, etc.).

Our support in the area of tax incentive consists in:

  • Analysing the client’s activity with a view to finding a possibility of obtaining a relief;
  • Preparing documentation for rights, investments, processes or expenses;
  • Implementation – adjusting accounting systems, developing a methodology for settling and booking tax reliefs;
  • Assistance in annual tax settlement;
  • Ongoing advisory services, particularly contacts with tax authorities.

Practical aspects of tax settlements may prove challenging, both for the company staff responsible for finance and for managing personnel. Deficiencies in the correctness of settlements or reporting flaws may result in liability of the business entity or its personnel. At the same time, duties connected with reporting or other forms of maintaining compliance with the provisions of tax law are becoming more and more burdensome.

Here we may come to your aid by:

  • Preparation and implementation of procedures for the management of broadly understood tax issues or specific areas (e.g. Due diligence in vat, reporting of tax schemes);
  • Preparing tax strategy and reporting on the implementation of the tax strategy;
  • Providing training;
  • Reviewing the entity’s fulfilment of obligations imposed by relevant regulations;
  • Ongoing support, particularly in contacts with tax authorities.

tax law

Advisory services in the field of international tax law include assistance in carrying out cross-border projects or transactions. We offer advice both to foreign investors and to polish entities that are planning or implementing their foreign expansion.

Our support may include:

  • Assistance in structuring cross-border investment projects;
  • Setting up companies and branches in poland for foreign businesses;
  • Support in the scope of trans-frontier events and transactions, especially dividends, interest and other forms of financing, royalties, intangible services;
  • Preparation of procedures related to due diligence in the area of withholding tax;
  • Assistance in obtaining clearance opinions related to withholding tax;
  • Helping with settlements of personnel secondment costs;
  • Assistance in transfer pricing matters in trans-frontier settlements;
  • Support in the discharge of other duties, particularly those connected with tax scheme reporting.

We can assist you in choosing the right organizational form for conducting your business. In doing so, we take into account the broad business, legal, tax and accounting context. We adjust to our client’s perspective. We also support clients in the preparation of economic argumentation for certain events or transactions (‘defense file’) for both past and current events.

Transaction advisory

We offer comprehensive tax and legal support related to transactions such as sale or purchase of business, mergers and acquisitions. We assist you at every stage of the process.


Our support consists in:

  • Facilitating the process, especially negotiations;
  • Assistance with formal documents, with focus on the spa;
  • Due-diligence audit;
  • Issues connected with valuations or forms of funding;
  • Advice on restructuring or post-transaction integration.

We offer a comprehensive approach in supporting clients in their relations with related parties.

Our support includes:

  • Transfer pricing – assistance in documenting transfer pricing, including benchmarking analyses, transfer pricing policy and reporting issues;
  • Systematization of settlements with related entities – support in drafting/modification of contracts, introduction of necessary documentation, assistance in qualification of benefits for cost limitation purposes, preparation of a defense file, withholding tax advisory, tax scheme analysis, etc.;
  • Restructurings – legal and tax support in the process of transferring economically significant functions, risks or assets between related parties.

Legal advisory services

We offer legal support in the following scope:

  • Broadly understood business law;
  • Contracts;
  • Company law and corporate governance;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Risk management, internal control and compliance;
  • Disputes and court proceedings;
  • Competition law and advertising law;
  • Real estate and investment process;
  • Administrative law;
  • Criminal business law;
  • Trainings.