One of the elements of the Act amending the Personal Income Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act and certain other acts, known as the “Polish Deal”, was the modification of the provisions on cash payment limits. At that time, the B2B payment limit was modified (up to PLN 8,000.00) and the B2C payment limit

Since the beginning of this year, changes in the Polish tax on civil law transactions (TCLT) have come into force. A higher rate was introduced for the purchase of the sixth and subsequent apartments. How should interested parties manage the purchase of more apartments, taking into account this tax? As a reminder, as of 31

A good manager in a company is a treasure. His proactive actions can be the driving force of many businesses. Working in such a position, often on a “B2B” contract, such people will often have to choose the best form of taxation. Of course, it depends primarily on the amount of revenues generated and the

We present below a short summary of the most important changes in tax/business law and practice in December. Legislation Tax Practice Income taxes and transfer pricing VAT International Taxes Other

King Charles awarded the singers of the Korean band Blackpink with the Orders of the British Empire, and soon we can expect their concerts in other parts of Europe, including Poland. Taylor Swift, after being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2023, is embarking on a major tour of Europe starting in the new

Taxes in 2024

We would like to present you with a short, original summary of important tax and business law topics in 2024. This applies both to changes in tax law and other important issues. It is worth analysing them in terms of their impact on your business. National System of e-Invoices (Pol. KSeF) The tax “number one”

Over the past few years, Christmas has accustomed us to two things. Autumn, rainy weather and … annually recurring questions about the correct taxation of Christmas gifts given to employees. And while we can’t do anything about the weather (we can only recommend tea with cloves and ginger), in the case of the second topic,

We present below a short summary of the most important changes in tax/business law and practice in November. Legislation Tax Practice Income taxes and transfer pricing VAT Other

Will the KSeF be postponed?

A likely change of government in Poland, or a postponement of the implementation of the ViDA package at the European Union level, and on the other hand, a draft regulation adapting SAF-T files to new e-invoicing solutions. What does the future hold for the obligatory e-invoicing (Pol. KSeF)? Will it be postponed? Current state In

Technological development has never been as fast as it is in the history of mankind. There is no doubt that humanity is on the verge of change, and it is coming at a speed that has not been reflected anywhere else in the past. The world is changing before our eyes, and solutions such as

A cookie, juice, some exotic fruit and even salty sticks. This is a common set of delicacies in company canteens, which no longer surprises anyone. Nowadays, especially in larger companies, it is becoming a standard for the employer to provide employees with various types of treats or snacks free of charge. And it’s no wonder.

EUR 50 million and what’s next?

Thresholds, limits. These are words that are conjugated in all cases in accounting or tax departments, especially at the turn of the year. And of course, this is not without reason. To a large extent, Polish tax system assigns taxpayers to specific obligations through the appropriate limits or thresholds they reach. One of them is