Carbon Border Tax getting closer

On 17 August this year, the European Commission published the Implementing Regulation laying down the rules for the application of Regulation (EU) 2023/956 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as: “CBAM Regulation”) with regard to reporting obligations for the purposes of the mechanism of adjusting prices at borders taking into

We present below a short summary of the most important changes in tax/business law and practice in August. Legislation Tax practice Income taxes and transfer pricing VAT Other

CSRD – new obligations for entrepreneurs are coming Sustainable development. It is a slogan that is being changed by the various bodies of the European Union in all cases. An important element of sustainable development promoted at all EU levels is CSR, i.e. corporate social responsibility. Through a number of initiatives, EU bodies aim to

Polish Simple Joint Stock Company (hereinafter: “PSA”) is a relatively new form of doing business in Poland. It has been in existence for just over two years, so it is hard to say at this point that it has conquered the market. Nevertheless, it has a number of advantages, which may make it the vehicle

The Act introducing mandatory electronic invoicing using the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) from 1 July 2024 has already been published in the “Journal of Laws”. What is the KSeF? In general, it is a system that will enable structured invoices to be issued and made available. In other words, it is a mechanism by which

The world has recently been abuzz about the fierce competition from major technology corporations in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). And while every now and again one hears about the implementation and application of ever newer technological solutions in business, this rapidly changing economy is being followed by global legislation, including that of the

We present below a short summary of the most important changes in tax/business law and practice in July. Legislation An amendment to the VAT Act – the introduction of a mandatory e-invoicing (KSeF) – was passed to the President. The Sejm rejected the ‘veto’ of the Senate. The Sejm passed act amending the Personal Income

Very often real estate is the subject of non-monetary contributions (in-kind contributions) to companies. Such a transaction gives rise to certain VAT consequences – both for the contributor and the receiving company. Pursuant to the wording of Article 5 sec. 1 point 1 of the Polish VAT Act, supply of goods and provision of services

Taxpayers who show a tax overpayment, if they do not have any arrears or current tax liabilities, have the possibility to request that it be refunded or credited to “future taxes”. This is indicated by Article 76 § 1 of the Tax Ordinance, according to which: “Overpayments, together with their interest, shall be credited ex

The European Union has made the diagnosis that a significant problem occurring in many organisations is illegal, improper or unethical activities occurring within them. In order to minimise such phenomena, a set of regulations to counteract this has been published, in the form of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council

We present below a short summary of the most important changes in tax/business law and practice in June. Legislation The Act amending the VAT Act (the “SLIM VAT 3”) package was published in the “Journal of Laws” (item 1059). The Decree on the cancellation of the state of epidemic emergency in the territory of the

The Ministry of Finance has published a draft of broad amendments to the Tax Ordinance. For the time being, the draft is at the stage of the so-called pre-consultation. Due to the end of the parliamentary term, it is not certain whether these changes will be adopted in the coming months. Below, we present a