Easter wishes

Ulve Tax & Legal team would like to wish you a very happy Easter!

Today, a Decree of the Minister of Finance was signed, pursuant to which the annual CIT settlement date for 2020 was extended until June 30, 2021. Also today, a Decree of the Minister of Finance was signed, under which the deadlines for preparing financial statements for 2020 will be extended for: • private sector units

CJEU judgment – Polish VAT regulations inconsistent with EU law Today, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that the provisions of EU law preclude the application of national rules according to which the exercise of the right to deduct VAT related to intra-Community acquisitions of goods (intra-Community acquisition of goods) in the same

The Ministry of Finance has published a draft “Explanations” on transfer pricing documentation, regarding the presumption of due diligence. Let us remind you that, in accordance with the amended income tax regulations, taxpayers are required to prepare transfer pricing documentation also in transactions with unrelated parties, if the beneficial owner of such entity has its

Extension of terms – TPR, CIT

On the 25th of February, the Sejm adopted an amendment according to which the deadlines for submitting information on TPR transfer pricing and a declaration on the preparation of local transfer pricing documentation were extended: until September 30, 2021 for entities whose reporting and documentation obligations expire in the period from February 1, 2021 to

„Slim VAT” 2

The Ministry of Finance has published suggestions for the amendment of the VAT Act – called the “Slim VAT 2” package. The changes include: facilitating of issuing of collective corrective invoices – including the option of collective correction of specific items from an invoice, as well as entire invoices; elimination of the need to correct

We are pleased to inform you that the District Administrative Court in Poznan, by its judgment of February 17, 2021 (sign. I SA/Po 807/20), ruled in favor of our complaint and stated that the Director of the National Tax Information should issue a binding ruling regarding the provisions on reporting tax schemes (Mandatory Disclosure Rules).

4 new general rulings

The Ministry of Finance published, yesterday and today, 4 new general ruling concerning: changes in the scope of the leasing contract and sale of the subject during its term, settlements when using fuel cards, sale of own receivables in factoring, and taxation of vocational training. Changing the lease agreement, selling leased items The Minister of

The Ministry of Finance has today published a draft act amending the VAT Act and introducing regulations in the field of e-invoices and the National System of e-Invoices (pol. KSeF). The draft introduces the concept of “structured invoices”. A structured invoice will be a specific form of an electronic invoice, which will, in practice, become

Today, the Ministry of Finance published a draft law introducing a new public levy – advertising duty. The new duty is in line with the global trend of introducing broadly understood “digital taxes”. The Ministry of Finance informs that the purpose of introducing new regulations is to obtain additional funds to prevent long-term health, economic

As part of counteracting the erosion of tax receivables, the legislator has for some time been imposing on taxpayers new obligations to verify contractors. Their common denominator is to make the taxpayer (or remitter) “jointly responsible” for the correct tax settlements under the transaction. The taxpayer (or the remitter) should, in particular, verify the status

2021 loan in tax settlements

How will loans concluded in 2021 differ from those in previous years in terms of taxation? Significant changes in tax law regulations that come into force at the beginning of each new year no longer surprise anyone. Practice shows that the changes concern many aspects, and their main principle is a “spot” intervention in order